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That you think of me in Stuttgart
of all places, where Stuttgärter
live, work and die and that you
finish off the letter with lots
of love, transported in bits
and bytes, reaching parts
others couldn't reach,
make me wonder about space
and time and distance
in a mathematical way and fantasise

In the transport room,
I'll be ready to dematerialize
and materialize in a transport
beam far beyond this day.

Schrijver: Stanislaus Jaworski, 18 okt. 2002

Geplaatst in de categorie: wetenschap

3,2 met 27 stemmen 1.545

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Datum:19 okt. 2002
Bericht:We all like to hide from the future, its nice to know I’m not the only one in fright whit the possibility's.

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