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Fairy tale - Naar John O'Mill

Last week I read a sprookish book
about a king with red haired look.
He thought he reigned magnificent
although the truth was different,

in fact incredible crankyorum,
not just a matter of decorum:
his nose kept growing all the time,
its length revealed a life of crime.

So after twentythousand lies
he got the pussy poodle prize,
was treated like a creepy pellet:
the people grabbed him by the ballot.

He had to leave the chic white house,
together with his glamour-spouse.
It was, thanks to this last event,
a fairy tale with happy end!

... Vanwege de Amerikaanse verkiezingen een langer gedicht ...

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Schrijver: Inge Boulonois
10 november 2020

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Anneke Haasnoot
10 november 2020
Leuk mensen!
Joe B
10 november 2020
O redhaired big nose fairy king
I'm not asleep, I'm wide awake
I saw your puppet on a string
Around your oval Office lake

Tell me, did she really say
'Make haste, my dear, I am ashamed
Your dream is just a fairy tale
Congratulate him, just by mail...?'
Inge Boulonois
10 november 2020
A lovely poetic answer, Mister Max Mill, thanks!
Max de Lussanet
10 november 2020

I won't shake hands with that man, Sleepy Joe
I am no fool but diehard, as you know
But now the time has come for me to go
I'll blow my horn instead, before I go

I love New York New York, like old Blue Eyes
I did it my way - don't believe those lies...

Thanks! I hope no one will ever say
That MAGA was a fake in any way

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